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Our sole purpose at Bagby, Johnson & Associates, AC is to increase the net financial worth of our present and future clients, and to assist in identifying and achieving their life goals. Through the development of innovative and proactive business and financial services we make every effort to enable our clients to shape their future and achieve financial success.

We will provide services of premium quality that will delight our clients beyond their expectations, and at all times live up to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and service.

The firm will proactively pursue the objective of maximizing its clients' wealth. We will remember that every client is important and plays a role in our daily success or failure. Our clients and team members will be loyal advocates of the firm. They will always speak positively about the firm and fellow employees, in or out of the workplace.

The firm will hire the best people available and will ensure that they have the best training, experiential opportunities and excellent long-term career opportunities. People will eagerly seek employment at the firm.

The firm will be innovative in its service line development and will be guided by its principal purpose being to increase the net worth of its present and future clients. The services offered by the firm will be clearly defined, highly structured and priced in accordance to the value they represented to the client.

Proud members of the American Institute of CPAs and the West Virginia Society of Certified Public Accounts.