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The team at Bagby, Johnson & Associates, AC are pleased to offer the following levels of services to all business clients. Included with all levels is unlimited access to advice on ad-hoc matters. You can call us at any time for advice knowing there will not be an additional fee for the advice subject to change orders.



This is what every business has to have done, just to be in compliance with the various governmental entities. This includes annual filings of the Federal and State(s) income tax returns. Annual filing of the county personal property returns. Quarterly filing of all payroll and sales reports including the printing and reconciliation of W-2's at year end.



In addition to the services listed in Level One we will help you prepare budgets for profit planning purposes and actively assist you in interpreting your periodic reports. These reports would include initial Key Performance Indicators that apply to critical areas of your business. We work with you monthly to help you gain control of your business. In the final quarter of your fiscal year, we review your year-end tax planning options. This avoids a last minute rush at putting tax-driven strategies in place which often come unstuck and frequently cause more trouble than they are worth.



All services listed in Levels One and Two. We become actively involved in assisting you with the development of your strategic plan. We help you discover the unexploited profit potential that lies within your business. Our aim is to help you make your business even more profitable and therefore more valuable. This will involve us in many non-accounting aspects of your Business including team training, market positioning, and helping you develop customer service strategies that lead to additional profits and more time off for the owners.


Accounting Software Selection, Setup & Training:

We will review your needs and make recommendations about an accounting software that will best meet your needs. We will then assist you in the setup and training to ensure the software compliments your business processes. Members of our team are pro-advisers for Quickbooks as well as experienced with other software packages such as One Write Plus, Peoples Choice and Peachtree.

Phone Right:

Phone Right zeros in on one of the most problematic, yet overlooked needs of any business...your receptionist's training. This is a one on one training session that will instruct your team on how to create brilliant and lasting first impressions. After all the first impression a business gives to potential and existing clients is most often on the phone. We help you make the most of every opportunity available by creating a lasting first impression.

Businesses Getting Results:

This is a membership program for selected business people who specifically want to improve a wide range of aspects of their business in an easy, manageable way. It is a monthly business forum with some very exciting "twists", with a focus on implementing ideas rather than just talking about them. Build your business into the business you've always wanted through BGR.

Members meet once every month for just 2 hours to work on a different issue or strategy. We review and discuss the ideas, BGR helps you tackle the challenges that are holding you back AND discover the opportunities that are right at your doorstep.

Meet and interact with other positive business people learning what it is that makes their business tick and learn how to make your own business work even better. Each meeting will target a specific idea to build your business.